The new US tax law, explained with cereal

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
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    We're a few Crunch Berries short, friends.

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    There’s a new tax law in town. It passed without a single vote from Democrats in the House or the Senate, and it’s a huge windfall for the richest Americans, including President Donald Trump.

    But Republicans didn’t just want any new tax law, they wanted to reform the tax code. To give the richest Americans a big tax cut while still funding the government’s essential functions, like building roads and flying fighter jets, the GOP needed to find tax revenue somewhere else. To do that, they had to start taxing income that used to be tax-free, by closing loopholes and eliminating deductions.

    If all of that sounds boring and confusing, fear not. We’ve broken it down in this video. Just don’t blame us if it leaves you craving cereal.

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  • Vox
    Vox  4 months ago+616

    If you want more context, read this article from our website that goes into more detail on the tax bill:

    • Homie Kitten
      Homie Kitten 6 days ago

      Vox as a republican this video proves how democrat YouTube channels know absolutely nothing about what the republicans want. I personally want a constant number of the percent that comes from a citezen bank account to not change based off of how much money is in the bank account.

    • Homie Kitten
      Homie Kitten 6 days ago

      Vox the government can make cut backs this is a easy to solve problem.

    • Dusty Warren
      Dusty Warren 1 months ago

      Vox Kill the government and all rich people rebel

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 2 months ago

      Thanks. I pass!

    • Eric Munoz
      Eric Munoz 2 months ago

      Not a credible news source at all. Liberal influence from a mile away

    • Bradley Simpson
      Bradley Simpson 3 months ago

      Vox got be the worst way to explain this.

    • SatinGames666
      SatinGames666 3 months ago

      Lol, add says Michigan first, #OHIO

  • Timothy Porter
    Timothy Porter 14 hours ago

    The easy explanation to this is one sentence:
    Too much government spending.
    To clarify: The problem here isn't that the government charges too little in taxes, but rather that the government is spending a lot of money on things the government shouldn't be taking care of. This could all be fixed by removing government spending these areas. Therefore, the government doesn't need as much, therefore, bye-bye 1.4 trillion dollar gap.

  • Ric. 51
    Ric. 51 18 hours ago

    But you may forget the word crumbs, remember democrats are the most responsables in terms of federal spending. Don’t forget those 150billions spent with the Iran deal, Obamacare the most conservative way to spend the money or building a better tomorrow by borrowing 11 trillions so the next generation has to pay it... THANK’S OBAMA!!!

  • michael belshay
    michael belshay yesterday

    Is it the top pays a lot less or is it the top makes so much more the slight difference looks large because of the total amount they earned?
    Again who drives businesses money? You The great part if you feel a company is gouging you don't buy its product in turn enough people not buying the product it disappears or it lowers in price until it hits a consumer confidence level where people start buying again. who do you feel deserves more money someone doing nothing one in a minimum wage job no education to pay back or those in skilled jobs again no education to pay back but did have to go through either an extensive apprenticeship or on the job training most of which have to be licensed. Or those who may or may not have education but put forth their money and ideas to get you stuff you want and it is obvious you want it because the lower end will steal it if they know you have it. may not be income but it is realized income.Again you bought it at what ever the price. So you can later complain how they make a product that everyone buys then complains they made money off their ideas. I think we should go to a barter system myself i will provide you a service you give me free food tvs cars houses hair cuts etc. no one makes money but everyone gets something. except then you come across the handicapped that cant provide a service those on disability that no longer can provide a service and those who are elderly who cant perform a service. who then pays for them or gives them everything free?
    So you see our system may not be the best but it i far better than alternatives submitted some even tried.

  • rrs1550
    rrs1550 2 days ago+1

    commie cartoons....left out a ton of facts....but not really concerned with the whole truth...just the part they want you to a magician :(

  • kelley huggett
    kelley huggett 2 days ago

    So your telling me i should spend money on some college dropout that eats gummy worms and skittles all day that doesen’t like to actully work for money and plays gta all day and weighs 700 pounds

  • Tyler Calender
    Tyler Calender 3 days ago

    but the fact is democratic america is giving away money to illegals and they dont work if you get rid of illegals and stop giving away stuff we will have no gap and every body will have more

  • Filip Bresan
    Filip Bresan 4 days ago

    solution, flat tax, reduction of government spending

  • Rex Ritchey
    Rex Ritchey 5 days ago+1

    WTF That's like being punished for being poor which is a punishment in its self!? IT SHOULD BE THE OPPOSITE RICH PAY MORE AND POOR PAY LESS

  • Ronana
    Ronana 6 days ago

    I just like how the Republicans instead of actually hearing what this video is, they've been brainwashed by their closed conservative media systems so now all they do is criticize little things like " Oh we aren't dumb, talk with money not cereal" and "You just gotta reduce government spendings".

  • cold45acp
    cold45acp 6 days ago

    Easy, cut government fat.

  • Maxime Meis
    Maxime Meis 6 days ago

    The problem is not that the government isn't stealing enough wealth. The problem is that it is stealing from people who have earned wealth and give it to people who haven't. And yeah people who are getting stolen from the most benefit the most. People who don't pay taxes don't benefit from a tax cuts. And in America the top producers pay pretty much all taxes.
    And again fake new vox is being misleading. Why are some of the tax cuts not permanents? Because Democrats went against the bill so that was all Republicans could get with a simple majority. But since vox is the defacto propaganda arm of the Democratic party, they won't explain that particular detail and declare that it's really the true vision of the Republican party.

  • Samuel Clark
    Samuel Clark 7 days ago

    The idea was to reduce the amount the goverment taxes from people, therefore, how can you complain about the goverment not taking enough taxes in this new plan? In addition, how is it fair to take 40 or even 50 percent of a person's income (which they earned). Rich people already invest in the economy, they sell goods and employ workers, overall leaving the economy off better than it was before. Let them keep their money.

  • Mike Soresina
    Mike Soresina 8 days ago

    I love cereal

  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 9 days ago

    small business owners pay most of the tax , thanks to democrats

  • Likebeingawesome
    Likebeingawesome 9 days ago

    The goverment can and should shrink additionally less taxes means more money that people can use to start businesses improving their income

  • sam adesanya
    sam adesanya 9 days ago

    would the milk for the cereal be quantitative easing? or just milk?

  • Kerstan Hill
    Kerstan Hill 9 days ago

    They trick you buy using dollars gained or lost and not percentages. Then don’t cover that the taxes from the top two brackets pay for everything the bottom two uses.

  • Le EDM Master
    Le EDM Master 11 days ago

    Stop justifying govt. raising taxes. The issue is that they have too much money not enough. Less money for the feds is good for us all.