300,000 Dominoes FALLDOWN - Turkish Domino Record! (Pt. 2)

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  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • 300,000 dominoes were toppled to break the Turkish Domino Record! This setup took a team of 14 builders 1 week to build. The theme of this project is the history of Turkey to celebrate their national day. ✨WATCH PART 1✨ https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w Click to share on Facebook ►https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w

    To date, this is the biggest domino project I've done with a group!

    Albert Wehr https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Alexander Dings https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Christian Bernges
    Eva Schmittner https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w...
    Jonathan Hofinger https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Joel Dähler https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Lily Hevesh https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Marcel Pürrer https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Roman Sallmutter https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Samuel Möhler https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Sascha Wilzewski https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Steve Price https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Timothy Dunsmore https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w
    Wasilja Peterse https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w

    Camera gear & dominoes used: https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w (affiliate link)

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    Hey! I'm Hevesh5 and I am a professional #Domino Artist. I design and build intricate domino setups and chain reactions for your entertainment and for commercial projects. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more domino videos :) I upload new videos every SATURDAY at 1pm EST! https://haimoinhat.net/channel/UCxJsQFhb8PFjtuN5gdOV6-w

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    Music: "Epic Piano Cinematic Dramatic" from Pond5


  • Melisa
    Melisa 21 hours ago

    I am so proud. Türkiye ^^ <3

  • Gaming Flair
    Gaming Flair 2 days ago

    The horror of cleaning that...

  • Tom Lo
    Tom Lo 2 days ago

    Awesome event, you should really invest in some 4k cameras though, this stuff requires the detail!

  • Max Zdanoff
    Max Zdanoff 4 days ago


  • Ana Paula Lorenzato

    Oi igreja jeje hz nha jejsjdbdbdhdhdhdbjshdjdjsjejsjwjsjdndbduejeh dbdj d r dbdbebeb

  • amirali jahedi
    amirali jahedi 7 days ago

    Minecraft domino

  • zainab Popoola
    zainab Popoola 21 days ago


  • Deep Raman
    Deep Raman 23 days ago


  • Veera Vanniar
    Veera Vanniar 1 months ago

    Really amazing I also want to learn and do

  • Muhammed Ali
    Muhammed Ali 1 months ago

    Down with Turkey
    State of Terror

  • Doogde W.A.P
    Doogde W.A.P 1 months ago

    So next will be Jewish Domino???? XD

  • Suhail S
    Suhail S 2 months ago

    very beautiful ....I like this dominos ...👌👌👌👌

  • Prakash Sarangi
    Prakash Sarangi 2 months ago


  • YouTube Bro
    YouTube Bro 2 months ago

    im turkish

  • Bunny Lover
    Bunny Lover 2 months ago

    OMG! I feel sooo proud of u!!! U did sooo good and u took a week to build this, but it was worth it, and u broke a record! 1 like 4 1 “good job”!

  • Thippawan Donnelly
    Thippawan Donnelly 2 months ago

    You for supporting my country turkey!!!!!!!! But im half turkish and half english oh and hello in turkey means merhaba and your the best thank you

  • Josh Low
    Josh Low 2 months ago

    4 words
    THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tian Ying Saw
    Tian Ying Saw 2 months ago

    Even though I’m a dominoes builder I CANT do THAT!

  • Tian Ying Saw
    Tian Ying Saw 2 months ago

    WOW! 0_0

  • TeddyTV
    TeddyTV 3 months ago

    HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT ! 300 000 Dominos !!!