Best Scary Prank Videos #6 (- Funny Pranks - Try Not to Laugh Compilation -)



  • Sachin Inshanally
    Sachin Inshanally 15 hours ago


  • Darin Dominic 2
    Darin Dominic 2 15 hours ago

    My Scared Prank Video 😈😈 😈😈 😈

  • Emma Animation
    Emma Animation yesterday+1

    4:07 rip hotdog

  • Yasir Hassan
    Yasir Hassan yesterday

    Guys at 1:14 in that situation who da fuk would get in the elevator?

  • Yuvan pro gaming and reviews

    8.44 how to get free pizza

  • Tessa Robustelli
    Tessa Robustelli 3 days ago

    7:48 I’m dead.

  • Shanae Mckoy
    Shanae Mckoy 4 days ago

    That girl scream that came out of that man was funny

  • creeper wolf
    creeper wolf 4 days ago


  • Esther Garcia
    Esther Garcia 9 days ago


  • Esther Garcia
    Esther Garcia 9 days ago

    how the f is that

  • Mikko Llamar
    Mikko Llamar 10 days ago

    it scary movies

  • The life of Rini Bear Flanigan

    Idk why but it’s so funny watching people take off in full sprints 😂😝

  • Krystal Gamer
    Krystal Gamer 12 days ago

    What’s that there throughing at thee run one at 11:20

  • Krystal Gamer
    Krystal Gamer 12 days ago

    How’d the do the poo one ? Was that actual poop lol 💩

  • Krystal Gamer
    Krystal Gamer 12 days ago

    Not tryin* to hate but half are these are NOT scary it said scary prank

  • Greg Assasin
    Greg Assasin 13 days ago

    4:06 RIP Hotdog ...

  • Wikmaxx Z
    Wikmaxx Z 15 days ago

    Lol no scery video

  • BL GB
    BL GB 15 days ago

    4:07 R.I.P hotdog ;-; and 5:01 she loved that red juice more than the hotdog also 6:35 His me

    • BL GB
      BL GB 15 days ago

      Savage, 4:07 she still loved the hotdog but no as much as 5:01 she loved the Cool AIDS red juice 🥤. I wonder where she Buried that hot dog, I must of stayed in the elevator for the past year. Except she did drink all of the red juice. Well she ate half of the hotdog and its probably dead now of that hazard attack happen. The hotdogs funeral must of paid at least 10.00 million dollars. For the hotdog she ate it very slowly and she was depressed after she got scared. Then when she drunk the juice she drunk it in one second and she was like this “Oh this is sooo good and relaxing”.

  • karen kk
    karen kk 15 days ago+2

    6:36 😁😂😂