nba youngboy - drawing symbols

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  • Published on:  8/14/2018
  • everything was fake i knew it you'lll never truly know someone in this life we live its cool though yeah that too be prepared to die karma never missed nobody ha ha if you reading hello goodbye


  • Roderick Lawes
    Roderick Lawes 3 minutes ago

    This new lil Wayne song “I feel like dying” vibes 🎶🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Von Tv
    Von Tv 3 minutes ago

    Young boy signs a contract with bird man. Right after he starts talking about how he wants to commit suicide. Yea bird man and young boy fucking and sucking💯💯💯

  • Black Diamond The one and only

    Can someone please describe what the video or message is trying to say because I don't really know

  • Rebekah VanArsdall
    Rebekah VanArsdall 4 minutes ago

    Description is deep! He is right--we all die and life is but a vapour, so yes--hello and goodbye. I normally don't listen to this type of music (havent listened to this genre since high school in the 2000's) but something about this kid's look and sound has me shook!

    BEN BIRSS 5 minutes ago

    Gotta stay strong for your baby boys bro love you G i ain’t just a fan I can feel your pain in your music

  • Savage_ Edd
    Savage_ Edd 5 minutes ago

    NBA youngboy stay dropping bangers💯🔥

  • Samuel Hayden
    Samuel Hayden 6 minutes ago look at my hip hop blog guys

  • Savage Nati
    Savage Nati 7 minutes ago

    Literally all the mfs disliking the video is hating because they hate seeing him win bro

  • HyRexZ
    HyRexZ 7 minutes ago+1

    mannn youngboy my nigga you gotta stay strong💯🤨 all yo haters hopin you fall but all yo supporters n fans hopin you get “through the storm”💯. we dependin on you big bro stay strong💯

  • Hurricane Ditka
    Hurricane Ditka 7 minutes ago

    Pull your fucking pants up

  • Jacquan Cotton
    Jacquan Cotton 8 minutes ago+1


  • John Kayem
    John Kayem 9 minutes ago

    Sounds like old young thug

  • Goro Bai
    Goro Bai 9 minutes ago+1


  • SensiaDoge Doge
    SensiaDoge Doge 10 minutes ago

    Pray for youngboy. 🙏

  • Real Ones Eat booty
    Real Ones Eat booty 10 minutes ago

    Didn't watch just knew it was🔥

  • chell
    chell 11 minutes ago


  • d boogi
    d boogi 13 minutes ago

    Who else read the description?

  • Jay Donelson
    Jay Donelson 13 minutes ago

    He went crazy on this song🔥

  • starvalentinobeatz
    starvalentinobeatz 14 minutes ago

    This song is amazing and gave me chills the whole time. Get well, YB.

  • Humble Man
    Humble Man 14 minutes ago

    Suicidal songs 😍😍😍