nba youngboy - drawing symbols

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  • Published on:  8/14/2018
  • everything was fake i knew it you'lll never truly know someone in this life we live its cool though yeah that too be prepared to die karma never missed nobody ha ha if you reading hello goodbye


  • Dezzythe Great
    Dezzythe Great 12 minutes ago

    Bruh that description 😭

  • 360 _tmac
    360 _tmac 16 minutes ago+1

    One more dis month

  • Black man from South Carolina

    Rising Cane that my shit shout out to nba for the Canes hookup apprentice that fam

    • Supreme
      Supreme 14 minutes ago

      Got me hungry😂😂

  • Kyle Borjas
    Kyle Borjas 17 minutes ago


  • Alanna Edwards
    Alanna Edwards 19 minutes ago

    Is he planning on killing someone? The description sounds like it

  • Unpopular
    Unpopular 19 minutes ago


  • GOBNaseem
    GOBNaseem 20 minutes ago

    Video shot in his hometown too, shout out BR!

  • Valenta Slayed
    Valenta Slayed 20 minutes ago

    He's crying for help 🙏❤

    • Supreme
      Supreme 13 minutes ago

      Valenta Slayed fr

  • 600Breezy Fan
    600Breezy Fan 22 minutes ago

    NBA youngboy deep I hope he be str8 and stay strong 😞🤙🤘

  • YouTooNasty Pump
    YouTooNasty Pump 23 minutes ago

    Here before 2million views 🤧🛎🔥

  • Keith Fraser
    Keith Fraser 24 minutes ago

    Number 1 on trending.

  • Alden Welch
    Alden Welch 26 minutes ago

    He sucks

  • Curtis Stows
    Curtis Stows 26 minutes ago

    I be watching this video over and over again

  • Loso Whiteside
    Loso Whiteside 26 minutes ago

    Been listening to this song since I woke up last night, I'm just now waiting on it to be added to Spotify

  • STAxxTRAxx504
    STAxxTRAxx504 27 minutes ago

    YoungBoy got some good music but honestly all the death shit he talking only place he headed to is the BANK when fans feed into the crap he rapping your smart YoungBoy no one love you until you dead so keep talking about death and they love you

  • Taniya Carter
    Taniya Carter 27 minutes ago

    Only person that he had show him real love was his grandma .Now she gone he don't know or feel love anymore😭

  • Jr Beats
    Jr Beats 29 minutes ago+2


    DE'SHAWN ROBINSON 29 minutes ago

    Good project nba youngin👍video, description, song n all

  • xxLied
    xxLied 29 minutes ago


  • Gorilla Gaming
    Gorilla Gaming 30 minutes ago+1

    Im finna get on the bus.