Paige Forced To Retire From In-Ring WWE Competiton

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
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    Paige's latest injury could rule her out of in-ring competition for good, according to sources of PWInsider.

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  • KHRyan wainwright
    KHRyan wainwright 16 days ago

    fuck you sasha she just came back

  • Shemarlos Scott
    Shemarlos Scott 29 days ago+1

    Paige Will always be remembered

  • Shemarlos Scott
    Shemarlos Scott 29 days ago+1

    Paige retired

  • Mariselle Delaminez
    Mariselle Delaminez 1 months ago

    No she not quitting...

  • Daniel
    Daniel 1 months ago

    yay she is gone and i dont have to hear that annoying voice anymore. or see that ugly face that is covered in cum in all her sex tapes. what a hoe. i cant take her seriously at all

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 1 months ago

    Hopefully she'll go to porn

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy 1 months ago

    She's not retiring.

  • donzaloog1400
    donzaloog1400 1 months ago

    Whoa. This really sucks. Thank you Paige, for all you gave ti the industry in your short career. Hopefully WWE finds a way to keep her on in some capacity.

  • Kwik 87
    Kwik 87 1 months ago

    I love Paige:((( i am sad

  • Troy Adamson
    Troy Adamson 2 months ago

    I think Sasha Banks should be fired and pay for her medical bills.

  • Hdot l
    Hdot l 2 months ago

    Another Sasha banks story where she stiffs somebody or hurts somebody in the wrong. If you think that's not on purpose, call me, I got a bridge to sell you.

  • SVRdude
    SVRdude 2 months ago

    ayyye thanks for creditt

  • pat gilligan
    pat gilligan 2 months ago

    Thid is what happens with poor workers, like 80% of todays wrestlers. You wouldnt see cena, miz or orton do stupid, unnecessary things like this. Also how did an agent not stop this spot, i mean kicking a recently repaired spine/neck, when the receiver isnt bracing, so much risk for little reward, like most of todays flippy floppy strong style rubbish. Its meant tobe a fricken work!

  • Ct Strum
    Ct Strum 2 months ago

    Feel bad she’s so weak and dumb bitch

  • daedralord1
    daedralord1 2 months ago

    shes not retiring guys, this is just bullshit fact checking, she has a bad injury, but not retiring, fucking hell adam

  • nameless0711
    nameless0711 2 months ago+1

    ur assessment is wrong... she DID get a "stinger"...

  • The Bad Guy
    The Bad Guy 2 months ago

    she will be the first woman to retire from injury this is awful poor girl

  • Omar Harris
    Omar Harris 2 months ago+2

    So an injury, leaked sex tape, and abusive relationship that almost got her fired and now this? Jesus, this woman cannot catch a break.

  • _Jabox _
    _Jabox _ 2 months ago

    Great job Paige

  • Rajat Awasthi
    Rajat Awasthi 2 months ago

    will miss whitest girl in wwe