Buying Used Things 2

  • Published on:  5/24/2018
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    Additional Animators:
    Alaylay: |
    Jakeuro: |

    Original Music by Christopher Carlone
    Twitter: Carlonecmusic
    Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)

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  • WilkyWorld
    WilkyWorld 20 minutes ago

    9:38 "DANG DONG"

  • Will McDonough
    Will McDonough 20 minutes ago

    Still # fucking 1 this is great.

  • mintyy
    mintyy 20 minutes ago

    “Oh man dude, even Ch- Hong Kong?”
    “Even Hong Kong.”

  • Philip N.L
    Philip N.L 20 minutes ago

    Why your dentist so far?

  • Vedanth Tulsi
    Vedanth Tulsi 21 minutes ago

    Trending 1st

  • TheN64man
    TheN64man 21 minutes ago

    Chi-Hong Kong?

  • OmegaPlayZ
    OmegaPlayZ 21 minutes ago

    Infinity war quote. Good job lol.

  • Radiated Penguin
    Radiated Penguin 21 minutes ago

    Good job to you and your new team Dom! The new animations look really cool!

    PHOENIX 21 minutes ago

    the animating at 5:28 is awesome

  • A bleach
    A bleach 22 minutes ago

    Congrats for #1 on trending!

  • Anime & BTS 4 life
    Anime & BTS 4 life 22 minutes ago

    "Your probably getting hacked from that free wifi"
    "Oh shit"
    Part got me😂😂

    NISSEX X8 22 minutes ago

    Lmao i loved that anime animated drawing montage with ur friends lots of appreciation to the animators /animator who did that

  • Mr. Sir. Psychopath
    Mr. Sir. Psychopath 22 minutes ago

    Why is this #1 on trending? It's not like its that great of a video. Not saying it's a bad video, it's just... not impressive for #1 trending.

  • SilverclawDraws
    SilverclawDraws 22 minutes ago

    HOLY CARP! #1

  • Winny Tessalonika
    Winny Tessalonika 23 minutes ago


  • audry klein
    audry klein 23 minutes ago

    I love all these videos

  • Hello There
    Hello There 23 minutes ago

    Aye this video’s #1 on trending. Way to go!

  • Gustavo Pena
    Gustavo Pena 23 minutes ago

    That Infinity War bit ahahaha

  • Mark Yu
    Mark Yu 23 minutes ago

    Thanks Really cool video.
    For that, I'll give you $5 credit. Go get a a drink or something with it.

  • Noah Stephens
    Noah Stephens 23 minutes ago

    omg you can get 273yo3435478ui3op-2-03985643456890-5=4098790-9 roux