Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)

  • Published on:  5/15/2018
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  • mizz_ kitty1973
    mizz_ kitty1973 8 minutes ago

    I have social anxiety and intrusive thoughts it sucks so I kinda relate

  • inkygrl0
    inkygrl0 16 minutes ago

    Just re-subscribed btw.

  • inkygrl0
    inkygrl0 17 minutes ago

    Bunny this series is great. What I want to see is authenticity and you are bringing it so candidly and with such compassion. Rock on girl. And never be ashamed about the material success you enjoy through hard work.

  • Justin Blaylock
    Justin Blaylock 19 minutes ago


    JUDIE THOMPSON 19 minutes ago

    So happy to be back! ♥️♥️♥️ Miss your sweet face! Life goes on after chemo and radiation, but I will always remember how much your videos took me out of my pain and made me laugh and cry! You are a priceless gift! Be You, you are beautimous, sweet Bunny! Love you beyond all space and time! Alligator Angel Kisses! 🐊🐊🐊

  • Navy Black
    Navy Black 21 minutes ago

    swamp family reunion definitely missed you bunny <3

  • mizz_ kitty1973
    mizz_ kitty1973 30 minutes ago

    I never left.I really related with her because I also suffer from anxiety mostly social anxiety. When I had a really bad day I would watch her but after awhile I FELT bunny distancing herself but I stilled watched but less frequent.(( I'll stick with you till the end))

  • Traddarker
    Traddarker 44 minutes ago

    I'm glad you have your passion back.

  • lyonnaisray
    lyonnaisray 59 minutes ago

    Ton travail sur Youtube est fantastique

  • Mary Austin
    Mary Austin an hour ago

    long time watcher. Just saying I love you bunny always will

  • Death Seeker
    Death Seeker an hour ago

    What channel is this?

  • Stephanie Bonnesen
    Stephanie Bonnesen an hour ago

    When I first started watching you years ago my first thought was "man shes just acting like this for the camera". The more I watched, the more I realized how we're both so much alike. I'm eccentric and "weird" just like you. I still have mixed emotions about the words "weird". I was called it so much growing up, and it was always said to me so negatively. I love watching you, my 8 year old daughter freaking loves you too. Idk why I balled when you said "thank you for giving me a second chance" 😭😭😭 omg nooo honey!! You're not a failure!! You're a freaking ROCKSTAR!

  • Cece L
    Cece L an hour ago

    Why are you so pure and amazing? You really are great, Bunny. You have so much to offer to the world. So so much.

  • Sonja Geneva
    Sonja Geneva an hour ago

    wow i just realized how i stopped watching you around 2016. i would always come back to check on you and now that youre confronting your actions and digging deeper on whats the issue i will be keeping up with every video! love you so much bunny and im so happy to see growth and you staying true to yourself :;;;;)

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith an hour ago

    Happy to be back! 🐊💚

  • Laurissa Crocetti
    Laurissa Crocetti an hour ago

    Why do you use abeauty blender when you cry?

  • Nadiratani
    Nadiratani an hour ago

    "I never thought that i was the type of person i had become" woooow! Being able to see you processing this is amazing. You are on a path of self-improvement and im happy for you! Life is growth and development. Onward and upward! Much love!!

  • Bob The Llama 1246
    Bob The Llama 1246 an hour ago

    I know I’m new to you and your channel Bunny, but I love you and your videos and I hope that you’ve found yourself again and you continue to grow and be happy ❤️

  • nightmare vision
    nightmare vision an hour ago

    I hope this brings on a new era on Youtube

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith an hour ago

    I think we all knew bunny had $. I certainly never felt it was being rubbed in my face, but let's face it, 900$ mystery boxes? Lol. But I loved it! And I love Bunny! She's a beautiful person.
    @grav3yardgirl I'm glad you're taking time to examine your thoughts. You're clearly a highly sensitive person and it's difficult to be that way but it's also beautiful and something people are drawn to.