Royal Wedding - SNL

  • Published on:  5/20/2018
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    Footage from Prince Harry's (Mikey Day) wedding reception features Kate Middleton (Cecily Strong), Prince Charles (Beck Bennett), Queen Elizabeth (Kate McKinnon), Prince William (Alex Moffat), Auntie Creepy (Tina Fey) and more.


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  • Rudas2007
    Rudas2007 16 minutes ago

    american crap

  • Hex Hub Music
    Hex Hub Music 17 minutes ago+1

    That was quick!

  • Emma Pursey
    Emma Pursey 17 minutes ago

    Why can so few SNL cast members do British accents? Just bloody listen to them for a while and at least try the right region (avoiding Australia if possible).

  • Kaleb Beckwith
    Kaleb Beckwith 17 minutes ago+1

    I fucking hate that more people care about this then the school shooting in Houston Texas it's shows how cruel some people can be 😒

  • jo wej
    jo wej 18 minutes ago

    Fuck the royal family

  • Endorion
    Endorion 18 minutes ago+1

    From the British perspective. SNL is a insult to the royal.

  • CJ Fam
    CJ Fam 18 minutes ago

    Y was that chick conversing with that chair

  • Revert Ninja
    Revert Ninja 18 minutes ago

    1st funny sketch in awhile!

  • Russell Good
    Russell Good 19 minutes ago

    Lazy, SNL boilerplate. The show has been getting a pass on this kind of this for too long.

  • starflygames
    starflygames 19 minutes ago

    Who cares about this fucking Harry Potter he can never be like us ARWESOME Americans even he did marry an American and he dose very bad jokes

  • 007pengland
    007pengland 19 minutes ago

    What the hell is this crap ??? Is this what Americans find funny ??? Ffs

  • Alexus Jackson
    Alexus Jackson 20 minutes ago

    IM TOO DEAD💀💀😄😆😂😂

  • Elwit Kauesa
    Elwit Kauesa 21 minutes ago

    Where's the Lannisters?

  • Mandalore threethreeone
    Mandalore threethreeone 21 minutes ago

    Bruh look at Russel Brands shoes at 4:11 XD

  • Alfreda Calbert
    Alfreda Calbert 22 minutes ago

    The jokes about his lack of hair are not funny.

  • yes
    yes 22 minutes ago

    Before I even watch, this I am almost certain there will be some type of agenda being pushed in this skit.

  • SociallyIneptDude
    SociallyIneptDude 22 minutes ago

    God Americans are cunts.

  • JumperWC
    JumperWC 23 minutes ago

    SNL is so funny. anyone who says its not funny is just a retard who doesnt know comedy

  • Sphenix
    Sphenix 23 minutes ago

    But this just isn't funny?

  • Alex Webb
    Alex Webb 24 minutes ago

    American humour 🤦‍♂️ Its so bad 😂