Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li (Vertical Video)

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  • Published on:  4/13/2018
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  • T b
    T b 3 hours ago

    Bow down, Queen Nicki OWNS the crown 👑.

  • warsieboy
    warsieboy 10 hours ago


  • Sean Crowley
    Sean Crowley 16 hours ago

    She's so sexy and she can spot unlike other bitches, the others are just sexy.

  • Abbi Scott
    Abbi Scott 21 hours ago

    Read mee and sub to mee.

  • Okeri Katjove
    Okeri Katjove yesterday

    we luuv u Nicki

  • jacqueline :3
    jacqueline :3 yesterday

    :v Ahuevo esta de moda La Puteria

  • Alexis Roses
    Alexis Roses yesterday

    Damn mami te miras pero muy yummi#369

  • Eli Ammar
    Eli Ammar yesterday

    Came back swinging like kimbo
    They ducks do the damn limbo
    I am the terms and conditions
    They suspicions
    Couldn’t touch my info
    im coming down like the rapture on ya ass
    In high places shitting fire out my ass
    I leveled up now she thirsty for my class
    His plug is short
    I knew his shit would never last
    No contact
    You acting like I forgot
    You wouldn’t please me
    Or give me raw top
    Paid for the whip to get up out the lot
    Now think about all the things you forgot
    Bitch you stupid
    Bitch been clueless
    Had you bussin
    Taste like cool whip
    And then I dipped out
    Bitch gon trip out
    She wanna call on Eli
    When she trip out
    Bitch you stupid
    Bitch been clueless
    She’s been craving me
    She gets lucid
    I had to dip out
    Before I tripped out
    Call on Eli
    When he wild out
    You thought you could walk out of my life
    Well everything comes to a price on me
    I had to hide out for a while
    Altercations just to rename the style
    Eli Ammar gotten wild
    Feel my spice in ya eyes and ya smile
    I never had no feeling to rest
    You body was a practice I just taste test
    Thought it was easy just to take a reject
    Not after all the time I done invest
    Damn I went I far
    Mr Ammar
    Damn I went far
    This is Ammar
    Wit my foreign car
    Spitting ill barz
    Now you looking stupid
    Wit a starter car
    Damn I went far
    Mr Ammar
    Wit my foreign car
    Drove pass mom.
    To fix her funds
    Did it for fun
    How many time now
    It’s been months
    You need a nigga like me
    You need a nigga like me
    To pay bills make you chill
    And call one of

  • Violet G.
    Violet G. yesterday

    Me and niki were born the same month yass

  • Judson Putnii
    Judson Putnii 2 days ago

    So am I supposed to watch this vertical video on my desktop or st? Why it's been 6 months and they can't fix it? Lol

  • E,m,l Soltani
    E,m,l Soltani 2 days ago

    One day I'll do this goodbye Mynag with my great penis ...

  • Kevin Langie
    Kevin Langie 2 days ago

    A slut and a pig is who she is

  • Bryanna G.
    Bryanna G. 2 days ago

    She looks so cute lmaooo i can’t

  • cindy wapawenge luta


  • Scarlett Esparza
    Scarlett Esparza 3 days ago+1

    She looks amazing <3

  • Trenny Maynard
    Trenny Maynard 3 days ago


  • Queen of damn
    Queen of damn 4 days ago

    I like her a l❤ot

  • Laurentius Keenan
    Laurentius Keenan 4 days ago+1

    I like that big butts

  • seth dabbz
    seth dabbz 4 days ago

    i mean hey nicki

  • seth dabbz
    seth dabbz 4 days ago

    hey nicky