Game Theory: Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally

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  • Published on:  8/19/2018
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    I've talked a LOT about the height of Mario over the years. Game to game, pixel by pixel, I've worked out the FINAL answer...and a few more! Today Theorists, we are looking in to the many SIZES found in the Mushroom Kingdom. Who would win this battle of the builds? Let's find out!

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  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 10 hours ago+14072

    Oh well, it doesn’t matter if I am not a playable character in smash, as long as I am the healthiest in the mushroom kingdom because of my sport habits! WAH HA HA HA!

    • UltraDoesMC
      UltraDoesMC 2 hours ago

      Waluigi you're pretty neat

    • Hypno
      Hypno 2 hours ago

      Yeah "Sports Habits"

    • Drake Caudill
      Drake Caudill  2 hours ago

      If waluigi was a playable character in Smash, he'd be my favorite

    • Xavier Smith
      Xavier Smith 2 hours ago

      Waluigi WAHHHHHHHHH

    • Zeke Chan
      Zeke Chan 2 hours ago+1

      Daddy is that you

    • Banana Shibe
      Banana Shibe 2 hours ago


    • Zero Ichijou
      Zero Ichijou 2 hours ago


    • Aquafresh Fan
      Aquafresh Fan 2 hours ago

      Your not in smash because you’d be way too powerful.

    • dogrrr
      dogrrr 2 hours ago

      uganda knuckles dead meme

    • KingAori_117
      KingAori_117 2 hours ago

      I hope you and shadow get into this one

  • Angelo van der Stad
    Angelo van der Stad 15 minutes ago

    Waluigi peak male preference confirmed

  • yee boi
    yee boi 15 minutes ago

    Congrats on 1# trending in the US

  • Bibibutona
    Bibibutona 15 minutes ago

    Hey Mat, I remember reading somewhere that in space with lower gravity your body grows taller, that would explain why Rosalina's height is bigger than her parents.

  • SomeoneOnTheInternet
    SomeoneOnTheInternet 16 minutes ago

    You forgot yoshi’s weight and bmi

  • Sparkzkill
    Sparkzkill 16 minutes ago

    Destiny theory 2!

  • The Mad Gentleman
    The Mad Gentleman 16 minutes ago


  • cypheraine17
    cypheraine17 16 minutes ago

    Chrono Cross / any FF theory please... :-(

  • Dj bolanis
    Dj bolanis 16 minutes ago

    What a skinny legend lmao

  • DavG - Good Morning
    DavG - Good Morning 16 minutes ago

    Calling Mario a murder is dumb because it's the player choice

  • Mitchell Baher
    Mitchell Baher 16 minutes ago

    One problem with the I’ve had with the BMI is that it fails to take into account muscle mass, which is heavier than fat...
    Speaking of which, isn’t the Mushroom Kingdom on a planet more massive than ours? You’d think that a certain plumber, who casually jumps higher on this planet than any olympian on ours could even dream of, would need to be pretty beefy, don’t you think?

  • Hannah Britton
    Hannah Britton 17 minutes ago

    Number one in trending omg lol

  • Caleb Animated-games
    Caleb Animated-games 17 minutes ago

    Man mat pat #1 trending it hasn't been one day

  • Michael Parrish
    Michael Parrish 17 minutes ago


  • Алишер сайтов

    Говно хрень

  • Nosraceroom
    Nosraceroom 18 minutes ago


  • Thomas King
    Thomas King 19 minutes ago

    Lazerbeams outro music at 12:00

  • Savanah Fields
    Savanah Fields 19 minutes ago

    Congrats on #1 on Trending!

  • screamingseagul .EXEnotcreepy

    0:59 dinosaur tail from roblox life if you know too!

  • J'AMVS
    J'AMVS 19 minutes ago

    Makes waluigi theory
    Gets #1 on trending