The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade - Semi-Finals: "Let It Be"

  • Published on:  5/15/2018
  • Xem video mới nhất full hd 1080 The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade - Semi-Finals: Let It Be, 720 The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade - Semi-Finals: Let It Be, 480 The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade - Semi-Finals: Let It Be

    Kyla Jade sings The Beatles' "Let It Be" during the live semi-final performances.
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    The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade - Semi-Finals: "Let It Be"

    The Voice

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  • Staff SargentO
    Staff SargentO 48 minutes ago

    WOW! Paul McCartney should be proud!

  • Fione Falloon
    Fione Falloon 2 hours ago

    I'm not in the US, someone plz vote for me. She is amazing....

  • D wade fan 4 life
    D wade fan 4 life 2 hours ago


  • Jey Dy Junior
    Jey Dy Junior 3 hours ago


  • Jey Dy Junior
    Jey Dy Junior 3 hours ago


  • Jey Dy Junior
    Jey Dy Junior 3 hours ago


  • Jey Dy Junior
    Jey Dy Junior 3 hours ago


  • Teheran Height
    Teheran Height 4 hours ago

    She has Aretha Franklin all in her

  • Trae
    Trae 5 hours ago

    So she wins

  • joel rabin
    joel rabin 11 hours ago+2

    Still in the trending list after days away from semi-finals 😍

  • Big L H
    Big L H 15 hours ago

    Now this Sister knows she's Over Damn Weight looking like she's ready for the Buffet

  • Jeoff Argales
    Jeoff Argales 15 hours ago+1

    she is the future winner of the voice her voice is so unique and beautiful she really deserves a spot in the finales

  • originalgrace
    originalgrace 16 hours ago

    I can not stop watching it! This was even sent

  • Puppy 9000
    Puppy 9000 17 hours ago

    Kyla is gonna Win 10000000000000000000%

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 18 hours ago

    2:46 I was done...

  • Gabrielle McLean
    Gabrielle McLean 18 hours ago+3

    *THIS IS STILL TRENDING IN THE US!* and it's been all week, #45 right now, and it's next Sunday morning (6 days after the upload, 5 days after it started Trending I believe) on the east coast and it's been all week. You Are Amazing Kyla Jade!

    • Musicc 9
      Musicc 9 13 hours ago+1

      Please !! She needs to win

    • Jeff Marshall
      Jeff Marshall 14 hours ago+4

      Gabrielle McLean I noticed that also. I’m so beyond elated for her. I hope and pray America gets it right. IT’S TIME and she’s the one.

  • JayTwoTimes
    JayTwoTimes 20 hours ago


  • Frederick Savage
    Frederick Savage 21 hours ago+1

    That was great... from feather to jet.

  • Akei Sarasau
    Akei Sarasau 22 hours ago+2

    hearing this on a sunday under a coconut tree on the beach of Fiji and looking out at sea and enjoying it..........#@ peace mode

  • Alysson Barkman
    Alysson Barkman 22 hours ago+2

    John, Paul, George, and Ringo are very proud of her I am sure. She is such an amazing singer, I wish I could sing like her. She is totally going to win.