"Mr. President, are you a racist?" (C-SPAN)

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
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    President Trump signs MLK Day Proclamation. As he exits, reporters ask, "Mr. President, are you a racist?" Watch the full video here: http://cs.pn/2DoLCe6

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  • Fabián José Dorta Romero

    Race mixing is the worst error. It's a way everyone could become extinct. So be aware.

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson 14 days ago

    Signing bills with a marker just seems kinda odd

  • Funny VIDS
    Funny VIDS 14 days ago

    Trump leaving with his tail tucked between his legs

  • fdama
    fdama 14 days ago

    Bunch of house niggers right there.

  • Mark Pateri
    Mark Pateri 19 days ago

    Whoever said that was a disgrace. They should not be allowed to return. Imagine if someone said, "Mr President are you a pedophile? "
    libtards disgust me

  • Michael Dario Pellittieri

    Trump ...ass whole in speeches for publicity ....and yet always the most mature guy in the room ...ahhh liberals if only they could see past the temptation that is liberalism

  • Chris Amon
    Chris Amon 21 days ago

    Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both racists of bigotry.

  • Lori Gravelin
    Lori Gravelin 21 days ago

    Look everyone.. “ I signed my name like a big boy”!

  • Simme Rocky
    Simme Rocky 26 days ago

    -Only on sundays

    • Simme Rocky
      Simme Rocky 26 days ago

      which is why Garfield hates sundays

  • Hollywood Hawkins
    Hollywood Hawkins 29 days ago+1

    Soon as she starts talking I go🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Brittany G
    Brittany G 1 months ago

    Stupid, random, and weird question.

  • Irys Dentysta
    Irys Dentysta 1 months ago

    This man in 1:02. NO!

  • DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans

    President Trump is definitely not a racist but the Democratic Party is.
    History doesn't lie.
    Facts Don't lie.
    Democrats can't deny it.
    "The Democratic Party was responsible for passing Jim Crow laws, in addition to Black Civil Codes that forced Americans to utilize separate drinking fountains, swimming pools, and other facilities in the 20th century. (Wikipedia Commons)
    It is shocking that as talk of statues and historical racism is being bandied about, no one has Republicans have stood up for African Americans while Democrats not only stood on the sidelines, democrats voted against every piece of civil rights legislation in Congress from 1866 to 1966 – a whopping 100 years. That is a dismal record for today's Democrats who would like you to believe that history has been on their side on this issue.
    It hasn't.
    Democrats voted to keep Africans Americans in slavery, opposing the 13th Amendment which officially freed the slaves. Only four Democrats voted for it.
    Republicans also passed the 14th Amendment which granted slaves U.S. citizenship; Democrats voted against it.
    Republicans also passed the 15th Amendment which gave slaves the right to vote. Not a single one of the 56 Democrats in Congress voted for it.
    Shame on them.
    Furthermore, Republicans passed all of the Civil Rights laws of the 1860s — including the Civil Rights Act of 1866and the Reconstruction Act of 1867following the Civil War.
    The Republican Party itself was founded as the "anti-slavery party" in 1854. The party subsequently gave us President Abraham Lincoln and ultimately, the Emancipation Proclamation which led to the liberation of slaves.
    Republicans supported African Americans not only in the 1800s, but in modern times as well."

    • DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans
      DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans 1 months ago

      "In the 1960s, with the exception of Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson, who was instrumental in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act in the wake of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the truth is that Democrats were the largest single blockade to civil rights.
      Long after slavery was over, the Democratic Party continued down their path to deny African Americans their rights. Wikipedia refers to this as the era of "disenfranchisement" when "Democrats worked to exclude blacks" from civil liberties.
      PBS reported, "The Democratic Party identified itself as the 'white man's party' and demonized the Republican Party as being 'Negro dominated,' even though whites were in control."
      The Democratic Party was responsible for passing Jim Crow laws, in addition to Black Civil Codesthat forced Americans to utilize separate drinking fountains, swimming pools, and other facilities in the 20th century.
      Even Democratic icons such as Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Act while in the U.S. Senate. Sen. Al Gore, Sr., D-Tenn., also opposed it.
      But you don't hear the "antifa" movement or anyone else on the Left talking about Democrats' shameful involvement in American history, nor do many speak of Republicans' brave work on behalf of African Americans.
      President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican, appointed Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren who penned the Brown v. Board of Education decision that ended school segregation forever.
      It was also a Republican, Sen. Everett Dirksen from Illinois (the "Land of Lincoln"), who wrote numerous pieces of legislation including the Civil Rights Act of 1968 which banned discrimination in housing.
      It was Republican President Richard M. Nixon who introduced the "Philadelphia Plan" that serves as the blueprint for affirmative action today.
      It was Republican President Ronald Reagan who in 1984 signed into law the holiday now known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
      That's right, these were Republicans — not Democrats.
      As more "antifa" protests are expected this summer and into the fall, leading up to their night of hell planned for November 4, it is vitally important that revisionist history is not permitted to be foisted upon Americans.
      The truth about who was on the right side of history and who was in the wrong lies in the voting records and those records lie in the National Archives and the Library of Congress. No amount of statue-toppling nor spin from the Left can ever erase it."
      It was the Democratic party who also identified black youths as "Super Predators."
      While, demanding complete loyalty from African-Americans(and African-Americans do) the Democratic party has done little or nothing to help them in return.

  • Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump 1 months ago

    how sad are those reports on MLK day. Insane lefty loonies.

  • Jose Carpio Garnica
    Jose Carpio Garnica 1 months ago

    Of course he is moter foker racist.

  • Crazy 2-1 ILZ
    Crazy 2-1 ILZ 1 months ago

    If you see race in mankind your a racist if you see everyone equal their your family that came from one another

  • Chris Amon
    Chris Amon 1 months ago

    Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both going to resign because of election frauds and bigotry for being a racists. Trump and Pence are bad. Trump and Pence will never be elected the President and Vice President of the United States and banned from politics. I made an objection, Trump and Pence should step down and resign from office for obstruction of justice and Trump lied of sexual misconduct allegations. Trump is a bad man and Pence is a disgraceful bad man. I hate them. And I hate Ivanka Trump as a jerk and she's not the First Family in the Presidential family.

  • John Grammaticus
    John Grammaticus 1 months ago

    "Mr. President are you a racist"

  • sam spade
    sam spade 1 months ago

    Yes he's a racist

  • Thomas Gebhardt
    Thomas Gebhardt 1 months ago

    Ummmm, dumbass, its been a holiday forever. What a moron.