Dingo Meets a Coyote!

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote has the opportunity to pal around with some Australian Dingos!

    The Dingo is a feral native dog species in Australia. Well known as a part of Australian culture this iconic species is often misunderstood. Throughout their range they have many color variations ranging from dark brown to the traditional tan and white, and even almost pure white in the more mountainous regions.

    Dingos should never be approached in the wild but on this day Coyote and the team were fortunate enough to meet some captive Dingos at the Billabong Sanctuary in Townsville!

    Get ready to see a Dingo meet one curious Coyote!

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    HUGE THANKS to the Billabong Sanctuary and their staff for hosting the crew at this location and for all the work they do to preserve Australias magnificent wildlife. To see the Dingos for yourself consider making a visit! - http://bit.ly/billabongwildlife

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  • Jorex Calamba
    Jorex Calamba an hour ago

    I'm like here like , Huhuhuhu *That's so scary and cool*

  • do you know de wey?
    do you know de wey? 2 hours ago

    They look like dogs

  • icynova
    icynova 4 hours ago

    When they said "meets a coyote" i thought it was Coyote himself

  • Animals USA
    Animals USA  4 hours ago

    Ive always thought Dingos kinda look like skinny Labradors.

  • Alejandra Godinez Quiroz

    Identical to my dog

  • Maynard Talisayon
    Maynard Talisayon 7 hours ago

    Far Cry 3 woahhh 😂😂

  • BabyRedFire MSP
    BabyRedFire MSP 9 hours ago

    They are a lot softer then a wolf or coyote” U TOUCHED A WOLF? HEHEHEHEHE I went up to an enclosure it tried to attack me...

  • Ana Cristina Alvarez
    Ana Cristina Alvarez 10 hours ago

    Good Boiis

  • Andrea Bolotano
    Andrea Bolotano 15 hours ago

    hey Coyote do you like dingos

  • Fluffy Bubbles
    Fluffy Bubbles 18 hours ago

    They look like cute doggies

  • Sam12oak
    Sam12oak 18 hours ago

    WAIT! You were at Billabong? Wow I live about 30 km from there.

  • Alonza Pandacrest
    Alonza Pandacrest 21 hours ago

    My bffs pet dog is named coyote

  • Cap Gamer 10
    Cap Gamer 10 22 hours ago

    Why Are You Always In Queensland!?

  • K C
    K C 23 hours ago

    the funny thing is tommorow im going on an excurtoin to the zooo for my sience -edit- yes i have schoool and its at wild life park

  • Delontae Rich
    Delontae Rich 23 hours ago

    *What the hell do you mean these good boys will kill me?*

  • Avetus
    Avetus yesterday+1

    Anyone think dingos look like doge?

  • WWE Dude 101
    WWE Dude 101 yesterday

    Do a guinea pig episode!

  • The Money Bear Gaming and more!

    Be one...with the dingos.
    Coyote - but I’m a coyote!

  • Pilots that Panic! -

    So Dingos are basically wild Australian dogs lol.

  • Solange.C Gauthier

    i sin a wolf in my backurd