LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!

  • Published on:  4/16/2018
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    The Seven Kitchens buffet at the St. Regis was full of incredible food! Some stations include dim sum, a tandoori oven, soba and ramen bar, and a weekly special regional food bar. So happy to share this with you guys!

    Location Price- $60 USD

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  • Syed Khursheed Hassan

    I am surprised as to how good the stability of your video content is, litreally there is no shakiness at all, are you sure there is no stabilizer used?

  • Sanjeev Dhurve
    Sanjeev Dhurve 7 hours ago

    Bhia tera pet hai ki tanki h???

  • swaraj2 ballal
    swaraj2 ballal 9 hours ago

    I know hygiene is important but trust me there is a huge difference in taste when it comes to taste indian street food .If u eat street food in a big hotel it is no where close to the taste u eat on the street stalls .

  • scarfacemmm
    scarfacemmm 9 hours ago

    Holy shet if i need to gon to one place , that has to be it

  • Mike M
    Mike M 19 hours ago

    Where is this place located?

  • Bob Gunner
    Bob Gunner yesterday

    My hero! My man. Such an awesome channel!

  • Mice Elf
    Mice Elf yesterday

    Even though I'm extremely full of food right now... I'm still drooling to all of this yummy looking yumness.

  • Rahul Nagar
    Rahul Nagar yesterday

    He is on a seafood diet. He SEE FOOD and eat it :)

  • Mono
    Mono yesterday

    Anyone noticed that Mike changed tables over the course of the buffet?

  • manu gowda
    manu gowda yesterday

    Where it goes man🤦‍♂️

  • Flickin The Shaven VJ

    Anything... just no broccoli 🥦😂


    Ur knife wad upside down

  • Full_Cream_Milk
    Full_Cream_Milk 3 days ago

    -sir! We have the new dinosaur here!
    -bring him in
    -it’s short name is mike
    *claw lowers down
    -there she is
    -Hey guys, what is up, we are at a place called the cage I think, but I know we are going to be eating some meat today

  • Mohammed Ismail
    Mohammed Ismail 3 days ago

    not a good idea to watch this while fasting

  • Semih Tasci
    Semih Tasci 4 days ago

    Nice food

  • Semih Tasci
    Semih Tasci 4 days ago

    Go to turkey


    My God if i only eat twice a week like this i will gain 10kg a month


    I dont know what makes you eat all that just give us the trick

  • dev a
    dev a 4 days ago

    dude, how did you eat so much food ???!! and you were talking all the time too. I used to go to such buffets as a student but even then i could only eat 25% of what you ate !(and im bigger than you)

  • Give me a sec
    Give me a sec 5 days ago

    My liver just got a heart attack seeing this 🤣