John Mayer - New Light (Premium Content!)

  • Published on:  5/24/2018
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    “New Light” available now:
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  • SuperComicNerd
    SuperComicNerd 20 minutes ago

    H3h3 feeling here lol

  • Lotan
    Lotan 20 minutes ago

    Mainstream musicians discovering post-irony. Maybe things aren't so bad.

  • SmolWeirdoChild 25
    SmolWeirdoChild 25 20 minutes ago

    When he does trashy green screen:
    Omg I love this wow amazing.
    When I do trashy green screen:
    Bro. What the actual heck is this. *LEAVE YOUTUBE YOU CRINGY NOOB*

  • Joshringdao Phonglo
    Joshringdao Phonglo 20 minutes ago

    anything John Mayer does is magic 🙂❤️

  • Blacksnyder
    Blacksnyder 20 minutes ago

    Wow, at 2:19, he actually went to Africa just for that scene. The budget for this video just have been insane.

  • olivia rose
    olivia rose 21 minutes ago

    His best video to date tho

  • jeszilestrange
    jeszilestrange 21 minutes ago

    now this is some Content

  • Elizabeth Fuentes
    Elizabeth Fuentes 21 minutes ago

    I really love you man you are amazing 💕✨

  • Ethan VanOosten
    Ethan VanOosten 21 minutes ago

    he's so fucking hot but so fucking gross at the same time god I can't even watch this I want him to murder me

    HEAR ME 22 minutes ago

    Epic!! vibing! me!

  • 김윤설
    김윤설 22 minutes ago

    Love it

  • Olivia Robinson
    Olivia Robinson 22 minutes ago

    i love you so much oh my god

  • BlurBerry Creative
    BlurBerry Creative 22 minutes ago

    Wow h3h3's new intro is great

  • Emily Jayne
    Emily Jayne 22 minutes ago

    Haters would say he used a green screen.

  • Gilang Ladi Sadewa
    Gilang Ladi Sadewa 23 minutes ago


  • Kat Riley
    Kat Riley 23 minutes ago

    Why is no one talking about those pants, like honeyyy

  • Charlie Ospina
    Charlie Ospina 24 minutes ago

    3:02 <3

  • Kat Riley
    Kat Riley 25 minutes ago

    qween john yaasss

  • Matthew Nagle
    Matthew Nagle 26 minutes ago

    This is kinnda like me but I cant sing and I'm only moderately funny.

  • ARandomSub
    ARandomSub 26 minutes ago

    Biting on Ethan 😲